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Soiless Potting Media
9SPM - Soiless Potting Media (SPM TM)

Price: $99.99 / Each

As the first company to use hydroponics in pond keeping, we realized that adding dirt to an enclosed ecosystem created multiple problems: dirt can be washed away by pond water or rooted out by Koi; and dirt can introduce “bad” bacteria to your eco-system. We solved most of those with the development of our SPMTM. Additionally, SPMTM leaves lots of surface area for nitrifying bacteria to grow on, especially when seeded with our Bio-SeedTM. SPMTM biodegrades, and when you add our Sludge AwayTM Bacteria, there is no mess left on the pond’s bottom.

NOTE: Items are not refundable

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Sludge Eater™ 8oz
Sludge Eater™

Sale Price: $14.40 / Each
You Save:$1.59 / Each
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Ichiban™ Fish Food Small Pellet
3lb bag fish food

Sale Price: $13.60 / Each
You Save:$2.40 / Each
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Frog Spitter (CLOSE OUT)
Frog Spitter (CLOSE OUT)

Sale Price: $150.00 / Each
You Save:$349.99 / Each
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