Misty Mountain Inc


Misty Mountain, Inc. makes and distributes high-quality, affordably-priced pond and water gardening products. These products include premium-quality ornamental fish food, water conditioners and treatments garden decor & accessories.

Misty Mountain is best known for its line of premium-quality ornamental fish foods. Our Winner’s Choice Gourmet, Ichiban, and Romet diets are specially-formulated to fortify the immune systems of pond fish and enhance their color and growth. Each is a perfectly-balanced, nutrient and vitamin-rich diet, and is packaged in a bio-degradable, UV-protected bag, which helps to keep the foods fresher and allows for a longer shelf-life compared to other foods in the marketplace.

Misty Mountain also makes Carefree Pond Products. a line of professional-grade pond conditioners, water quality treatments, and specialty water gardening products. Each product is developed exclusively for the serious hobbyist and the professional landscaper, and all are designed to work together to create a pond eco-system that is both biologically and ecologically efficient.

Corporate Offices
Misty Mountain is headquartered in Young Harris, Georgia.

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